Your Boss Is Probably Going to Be Replaced by an Algorithm Too

Catalant Staff

This article originally appeared on GQ:


Thanks to Facebook, Twitter, and really the entire way technology has taken over every aspect of our lives, algorithms are now all around us. This has led to one of the biggest fears for our future: automation. It’s the question that has plagued politicians who are constantly wanting to show voters that they will bring or give more jobs to people. How do you bring back jobs if computer algorithms are making it so entire sectors of the work force will be replaced with robots? Self-driving cars, will replace Uber, Lyft, taxi, and truck drivers. Fast food restaurants will become more self-serve. Delivery people will begin being replaced by drones. If you are a person in pretty much any workforce this should scare you. But, one thing you can take comfort in? The algorithms aren’t just coming for your jobs, they’re also coming for your boss’s job.


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