Catalant Technologies and Ardent Partners Release New Report Highlighting that the Future of Work is On-Demand

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BOSTON –November 1, 2017Catalant Technologies, the leading technology platform for on-demand business talent today announced that 56 percent of organizations will be deploying online talent platforms as a key part of their broader talent strategies.   The finding is part of Ardent Partners report, The State of Contingent Workforce Management 2017-2018: The Convergence of Talent, Technology, and the Future of Work which can be downloaded here.

This move to the on-demand economy comes as no surprise as 71 percent of survey respondents sampled from large and mid-market enterprises from across industries declared a desire to be more agile with their workforce as they manage a growing reliance on freelancers, independent contractors, and other forms of non-employee talent to fill critical skills and experience gaps.

Interestingly, organizations are taking cues from the external gig economy and applying it to their own workforce and internal talent management. As more and more top-tier, highly-skilled workers are adopting a more flexible work style, companies have begun to break down key work streams—and even jobs—into projects in order to match  project needs and the available skill-sets within the organization. In fact, 73 percent of organizations are employing news ways to get work done by aligning project requirements against skillsets in their total talent ecosystem

“One ramification of the continued impact of the Gig Economy and new world of work is that more work within organizations is becoming project-based, in an effort to compartmentalize goals, objectives, and milestones, achieve enterprise agility, and enhance holistic and seamless corporate competencies,” said Christopher Dwyer, Vice President of Research at Ardent Partners.

Nearly 50% of Best-in-Class enterprises have undergone a transformation over 12 months in the way they think about getting work done.

“The way we work is changing,” said Rob Biederman, Co-Founder and CEO of Catalant. “Companies that apply agile ways of working and are able to match the right skill-set to the right project at the right time regardless of whether the talent sits inside or outside of their organization are the ones that will be successful in this future of work.”

The report also offers a Future of Work framework that will help any organization prepare for the remarkable shifts in technology and talent already underway.


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