Program Support

Engineering value, delivering success.

Our adaptive service model helps you maximize value from using the platform

You don’t have to do it alone.


Discovery &
Program Design

  • Assess current state, including processes for identifying and engaging resources to complete projects
  • Identify customer goals and business objectives
  • Define governance structure and high-level timing


Platform Design
& Configuration

  • Finalize platform design, including key workflows and custom configurations
  • Conduct functional testing
  • Confirm successful platform configuration with core team
  • Import project and employee data


& Training

  • Establish clear guidelines and best practices for platform use
  • Communicate purpose and value of the platform to target user populations


Steady State

  • Drive user engagement and project completion through the platform
  • Ensure that the right internal and external resources are placed on the right projects
  • Expand platform reach to new user populations

We’re here to help.

Dedicated Catalant team members partner with you to design a program, implement the platform, onboard stakeholders, and drive adoption. Our operating system is part process, part configurable technology.

Solutions Team

Business Transformation

Solutions Team

Before you decide to partner with us, we diagnose where and how our platform and program support can drive the most value across critical initiatives aimed at key business outcomes.

Key Activities

  • Discovery Workshop: program goals & value creation
  • Design Session: program design & governance

Professional Services

Solutions Team

Once we decide to work together, we gather technical and process requirements to support key workflows, using best practices to enable faster time to value and easier internal alignment.

Key Activities

  • Workshop: platform configuration & core workflows
  • Feedback session: platform demonstration & user testing
  • Training: admin user education sessions
  • Training: user education & engagement sessions (by role)
  • Launch: communications roll-out, user education & help center

Customer Success

Solutions Team

Post-launch, we provide ongoing support to drive user engagement and ensure completion of work.

Key Activities

  • Biweekly Core Team Check-ins: engagement metrics assessment & program risk identification
  • Bimonthly Steering Committee Meetings: program goals progress assessment
  • Quarterly Executive Business Reviews: program roadmap and goals assessment

Network Strategy

Solutions Team

At any point, fill capacity or capabilities gaps with facilitated access to external resources with the capabilities that you need to execute your critical work.

Key Activities

  • Needs Assessment: accessing external resources
  • Process Design Session: engaging external resources

One Platform

Organize and gain visibility into work

Define, organize, and execute strategically aligned work

Access and dynamically deploy resources

Identify, access, and allocate internal & external talent

Drive better business performance

Surface actionable insights into resources’ impact on business



Our business agility operating system powers your critical initiatives


Customer  Centricity

Accelerate growth with a more customer-centric way of working


Cost Optimization

Drive efficiency with a more strategic way to optimize costs



Create new sources of value by enabling rapid innovation

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