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Beauty Company Moves Quickly Into New Product Area

A company in the beauty industry needed to quickly evaluate the competitive landscape of a new type of product as part of its merger & acquisition research.

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Competitive Landscape Analysis for Medical Device Company

A Fortune 500 Medical Device Company looking to assess market position needed an expert to develop a digital competitive landscape.

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Market Research & Competitive Analysis for MLB Team

A Major League Baseball Team looking to open a gym/fitness facility retail space needed an expert to evaluate potential operating models.

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Market Research for Pharmaceutical Company

A Fortune 100 Pharmaceutical Company needed an expert to conduct competitive benchmarking analysis for entrance into a new product market.

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Market Research for Health Care Company

A Fortune 500 Health Care Company needed a team to help understand the overall social and financial potential, requirements, and ways to play in a new market.

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Market Scan for Digital Health Organization

A Fortune 100 Digital Health Organization was looking for market research and competitive analysis to generate a competitive benchmarking and market scanning report for senior leadership.

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Market Research at Medical Device Company

A Fortune 200 CPG Health Care Company had limited bandwidth and was looking for benchmarking on innovation speed to market metrics for new go-to-market strategy.

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