Independent expert develops a new strategic framework to deepen value propositions and brand positioning for product in the healthcare industry.
Expert analysis of talent acquisition program prompts successful presentation and leadership buy-in.
A five-year plan to expand growth for popular food processing company results in increased opportunities for off-premise sales.
Catalant’s on-demand experts explored lucrative opportunities for DFC, so their team could focus on their 10 million customers worldwide.
GE pioneers advanced robotics innovation with the help of an independent expert.
Market sizing enables business leaders to uncover the potential value of a new product, understand where they should be investing resources, determine how they can better assess staffing needs and evaluate partnership or acquisition opportunities. Catalant experts, Eli Diament and Varun Mohankumar helped Catalant analyze the eSports market.
Leading organizations have begun to adopt a new way of working – specifically, utilizing flexible talent strategies to become more agile.