May Release Notes

May Release Notes

Written by

Catalant Staff

Published on

June 4, 2020

May saw the release of several new and updated features designed to help you post and manage your projects more easily, track the real value of the work being accomplished, and capture and report on the status of your initiatives.

New Features

Add New Projects and Initiatives from Anywhere

Creating a new project or initiative just got much easier. Now you can create new projects and initiatives while reviewing other projects directly from anywhere in the Platform using the “Create New” button in the upper-right corner. This will help you move quickly to start getting their most important work into the platform.


Drag and Drop Project Status

You now can more quickly and easily move projects through their lifecycle by dragging and dropping them into new columns in the Board view of your Work Planning page. This action, familiar to anyone with experience in any kanban-style project management tool, will save you time and energy when updating their projects.


Tracking ROI as a Project Goal

Catalant is making it easier to prove the value of projects by adding an “ROI” option to the metrics available when adding a project goal. Previously, you could select metrics like $, %, or NPS (among others). This new option adds the ability to set ROI expectations at the outset of a project, as well as making reporting on overall ROI of multiple projects easier. 

You can also add an estimated project value to the Business Case section of the project creation form, making it easier to track and report on the success of a project relative to the value that was expected.


Drill Down Into Projects and Resources from Reporting Views

New drill-down capabilities make it easier to take action on projects and resources directly from a report or chart. For example, you can create a report of all projects at risk and click into them to address specific issues from the report. Or you can sort all projects by expected ROI and click into any of them to monitor project health more closely.


New Platform Support Center

We’ve added a new support center with information to help you get started on the platform and take full advantage of its features. Click the question mark in the upper right of the screen to open the support center.


Platform Enhancements

Export Rich Data Sets to CSV

Catalant is purpose-built to centralize data on key projects, initiatives, and resources. Now you have the ability to export rich data sets to the CSV file format, so you can slice your data in millions of ways and create custom reports.

Improvements to Recommendation Logic

To improve the platform’s ability to recommend people to execute on your projects, we made some changes to the criteria used by our built-in recommendation engine. Now, recommendations are based on availability and capacity, role, and skills.

Greater Transparency into Initiatives

More than anything, people want to know that the work they’re doing is valuable. Now employees on the platform can see company-wide initiatives, giving them better visibility into how the work they do contributes to the organization’s success.


Design Updates to the Dashboard

We’ve implemented some updates to the look-and-feel of the dashboard to ensure consistency across the platform. You can filter and sort initiatives and projects to see the areas most important to you. You can filter by owner to see your own work, or by health status to stay focused on work that needs your attention.


View Initiative Details from the Dashboard

Users can now view details from any project or initiative from the dashboard from a slide out pane, saving multiple clicks when gathering information on multiple projects.

Customize Dashboard Alerts

Users can filter dashboard alerts to view only the alerts that are most important to them. Users can select alerts for project status changes, goal updates, milestones, messages, and more.

Streamlining the Project Creation Process

We’ve made it easier for users to create new projects by removing some steps from the project creation form.  Many of the previously required fields have been collapsed into sections, and we’ve removed character minimums, giving you the ability to input only as much information as you need to get new projects up and running quickly.

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