October 2020 Release Notes

In October, we released new features to make it easier to visualize how individual workstreams align with strategic goals, to give users who are accustomed to working in spreadsheets similar table views with in-line editing, and to streamline workflows for expense submission.

Core Platform Features

Map View

Map View enables you to easily and intuitively consume the organization-wide strategy in one place.

Through Map View, you can diagram how work breaks down, identify interdependencies across projects and initiatives, and visualize how ongoing work maps to the high-level goals and objectives of the business.

Map view of a Catalant project showing one top initiative connected to three sub-initiatives.

In-line Editing for Timeline and Table Views

Platform users often need to revise details associated with initiatives and projects, such as editing a title or completion date. Now, you can revise these details in the table and timeline views without having to click into the associated initiative or project.

This allows you to interact with the information similar to how you would edit a spreadsheet, which drastically improves the user experience of these key workflows. Simplicity and ease of use are major priorities for us, so we plan to continue refining the user experience for key workflows in the months ahead.

A screenshot of the Catalant interface, showing in-line editing of project names. You can also update End dates, project leads, project stages, and project health.

Table View for Resource Planning

In addition to seeing resource data through user profiles, platform users making resourcing decisions at scale may want to view data in a table view.

With the new table view for resource planning, you can now see key fields such as role and availability when making staffing decisions; ultimately this makes it possible to consume information as if you’re working in a spreadsheet and to make quick in-line edits.

A screenshot of the Catalant backend, showing the Table View for Resource planning.

Expert Marketplace Features

Improved workflow for projecting, submitting, and approving expenses

We’ve made it possible for users to bulk submit and approve related expenses rather than submitting one-by-one, saving time and making it easier to see a breakdown all in one place.

You can also enter projected expenses before final submission, which enables approvers to better anticipate and project expenses before they are incurred.


Contracting and compliance enhancements for engaging external resources at scale

We’ve made behind-the-scenes improvements to the Expert Marketplace to make it even easier for our network strategy team to support clients and experts alike throughout the contracting and compliance process.

Experts with experience at Amazon, Accenture, McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company, Boston Consulting Group, and Microsoft.

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