Catalant Platform: Driving Execution with Top-Down and Bottom-Up Visibility into Strategy

Driving Execution with Top-Down and Bottom-Up Visibility into Strategy

July 13, 2020
Written by

Robert Worley

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July 13, 2020

One of the most critical parts of strategy execution is aligning the workforce with the work that needs to get done. It’s essential that all of the work that’s going on in different parts of the organization is pushing toward achieving the overall company strategy. A major challenge to creating this alignment is that companies lack the internal visibility needed to understand what work is being executed, how the work is progressing, and what value the work is driving. 

Leaders need visibility to figure out where they are, where they need to go, and who in their organization can help them get there. Not only do executives need to have visibility into ongoing work to enable better strategy execution, but employees also need visibility up into the strategy to understand why their work is important. In the Catalant Platform, we’ve created the Why Slide-Out to provide users at any level insight into the strategy behind individual projects in a workstream.



Room for improvement in engagement with strategy

A crucial component of executing any company’s strategy is communicating its priorities to the people in the organization doing the work. Too often, leaders fail to fully express to employees the reasons for the course that they’ve set the company on and connect that to the work of execution, leaving employees with little idea of how the work they do impacts the highest goals of the company.

A survey of employees at various levels conducted by Strategy& revealed that only 28% of employees said they feel fully connected to the purpose and identity of their organization. This has a clear effect on employees’ engagement: other research from Slack reported that of employees who did not feel aligned with their company’s vision, values, and operating principles, only 33% know how day-to-day work contributes to their company’s strategy. Yet another survey found that only 46% of employees are clear on how their work adds value to their company.

Employees’ direct impact on strategy execution demands that leaders ensure that employees are fully engaged with the strategy and how it links to their work.

Visibility in the Catalant Platform

At Catalant, we understand the importance of visibility into strategy throughout the organization. Our customers know that people do their best work when they’re engaged and understand how their work contributes to what the company needs to achieve. They believe that accountability and productivity start with transparency and visibility.

That’s why we’ve designed our software platform to provide visibility into the connection between strategy and execution from both the top-down and bottom-up perspective, enabling both managers and individual contributors the ability to see exactly how work up and down the organization connects to strategy. 

The Catalant Platform helps enterprises get alignment on their most important priorities and define, break down, and organize work using initiatives. Within the platform, initiatives are high level bodies of work that are tied to an organization’s most important objectives. Initiatives can be further broken down into smaller units of work, like sub-initiatives and projects.

The Why Slide-Out

Through user research with our customers, we heard that they didn’t feel like they understood how their work relates back to the whole company’s strategy. We also heard that employees looking into taking on more work to develop professionally wanted to understand the business impact of potential opportunities and how they connect to other workstreams.

To overcome these challenges, our product team created the Why Slide-Out to provide visibility into strategy from both the top-down and bottom-up, which is enabled on projects in the platform that are linked to an initiative. 

When a user dives into a project’s details, they’re able to quickly and easily view how that project ladders up through the company’s strategy. Selecting “Why?” above the project title opens a secondary slide-out that will detail the project’s relationship to the overall strategy.


In the Strategy Breakdown, users can see the overarching initiative the project belongs to and the value it’s driving. Hovering over the goals of the initiative pulls up real-time progress toward each, making it easy to understand performance.


Below the overarching initiative, users can quickly find other projects that are part of the same workstream, and can click into them for more information.


Gain Visibility Into Your Work and Your Strategy

Inside increasingly complex organizations with dozens or hundreds of strategic workstreams, visibility is essential to successful strategy execution. The Catalant Platform enables leaders and employees to understand how the work of the organization and their individual work link to the overall company strategy, growing engagement and strengthening alignment across the business.

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