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catalant's client intelligence platform Connects Companies With Top Talent

Forbes: How Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence Connects Companies With Top Talent, Fast

Catalant’s CEO and Co-Founder Pat Petitti responds to a recent Forbes article about how Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence can quickly connect enterprises and firms with elite talent to manage strategic business problems.

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Agile Business Strategy: Solving Challenges in 4 Key Business Areas

Learn about four key strategic areas that require agility and independent talent to overcome today’s business challenges.

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4 Strategic Agile Learnings from Our Conversation With Andrew Karpie

Discover four strategic agile learnings from Catalant’s discussion with thought-leader and subject matter expert Andrew Karpie.

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Three Reasons Intel’s Struggles Should Make You Very Afraid

Since the year 2000, 52% of the S&P 500 have disappeared; gobbled up by competitors, withered into obscurity, or cast outright into the history books. And while consultants and authors have produced a seemingly limitless library of frameworks, strategies, and best practices for avoiding disruption, the carnage continues. Because while the diagnosis is simple — big companies fail because they’re slow — the treatment plan is much more difficult to define.

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How Unilever Powers Growth with Customer Centricity

A recent Gartner study found that CEOs are more focused on “simple” growth (revenues, sales, market share) than anything else in 2019. At Unilever, chasing simple growth means rethinking how it takes new products and partnerships to market, putting the customer first and creating a new way of working that reduces bureaucracy and constraints.

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