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Strategic Planning in an Era of Uncertainty

Discover the most effective ways to approach strategic planning and execution amidst constant change.

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5 Trends: How to Turn Uncertainty into an Advantage

Learn five trends companies have been and continue to use to turn uncertainty into an advantage and drive ROI amid market unpredictability.

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The Complete Guide to Business Agility and Why It’s Important

Understand everything you need to know about business agility and how the strategy helps your organization respond to change and deal with uncertainty.

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When and How to Use an Independent Consulting Marketplace

Discover everything you need to know about why, when, and how to leverage an independent consulting marketplace to get strategic work done.

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catalant's client intelligence platform Connects Companies With Top Talent

Forbes: How Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence Connects Companies With Top Talent, Fast

Catalant’s CEO and Co-Founder Pat Petitti responds to a recent Forbes article about how Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence can quickly connect enterprises and firms with elite talent to manage strategic business problems.

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Agile Business Strategy: Solving Challenges in 4 Key Business Areas

Learn about four key strategic areas that require agility and independent talent to overcome today’s business challenges.

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agile strategy

4 Strategic Agile Learnings from Our Conversation With Andrew Karpie

Discover four strategic agile learnings from Catalant’s discussion with thought-leader and subject matter expert Andrew Karpie.

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How Money Mart Financial Services Uses Elite Expertise for Growth

Learn how Money Mart Financial Services uses elite expertise found through Catalant’s Expert Marketplace to enable growth and agility.

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innovation at large organizations

Innovation at Large Organizations: Why It’s Difficult and How to Improve It

Learn why innovation at large organizations is difficult and discover four ways to improve it through your business strategy.

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strategic lessons

3 Strategic Lessons from Intel’s Struggles

Learn about three strategic lessons from Intel’s struggles and how you can apply them at your organization to improve resiliency.

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the War for Talent

Is it Time to Rethink the War for Talent?

Learn how forward-thinking companies are rethinking the war for talent and the relationship between business agility and talent.

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simple growth

How Unilever Powers Growth with Customer Centricity

Learn how Unilever powers its growth with customer centricity and why agility is a key component to simple growth across any organization.

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fastest growing company in massachusetts

Catalant Named 2nd Fastest-Growing Company in Massachusetts

The Boston Business Journal named Catalant Technologies the second-fastest growing company in Massachusetts based on a formula that includes revenue growth.

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hire the best talent

3 Ways to Hire the Best Talent for Your Strategic Work

Discover 3 ways to hire the best talent for your strategic work, and to survive and thrive in a disruptive business environment.

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sue siegel, innovation amid disruption

GE’s Sue Siegel on the Importance of Innovation Amid Disruption

Learn about the importance of innovation amid disruption and why business agility enables your team to get strategic work done throughout uncertainty.

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business agility journey

A Business Agility Journey: Thinking Without Constraints to Innovate Faster

Read about a business agility journey and how Unilever has learned to think without constraints to implement and leverage agility and innovate faster.

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