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Strategic Planning in an Era of Uncertainty

Discover the most effective ways to approach strategic planning and execution amidst constant change.

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How an Independent Consultant Went from $0 Bottom Line to $500K in One Year on Catalant

Learn how an independent consultant grew his business on Catalant’s Expert Marketplace, and discover three insights he has for other Experts looking to do the same.

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Expert Perspectives: How Independent Consultants Help You Stay Honest and On Budget

Learn from an industry expert how independent consultants can help your organization stay honest and on-budget and push strategic initiatives forward.

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Everything You Need to Know About Consultants and Consulting Businesses

Discover what a business consultant is, the different types of consulting, how to become a consultant, and how to start a consulting business of your own.

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Strategic Growth Plan Gives Beloved Brand a Competitive Edge

Learn about a client that leveraged an independent consultant to help them develop a strategic growth plan to give them a competitive edge.

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Product Development Team Hires Consultant for Market Research

Read a case study about how a product development team used an independent consultant to manage market research and analysis to drive results.

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Expert Perspectives: The Big Consulting Model Is Overdue for Change

An industry expert explains the four major inefficiencies of “big consulting” and why the business model is in need of change.

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Expert Perspectives: Why Form an LLC for a Consulting Business

Discover why and how an independent consultant on Catalant’s Expert Marketplace chose to form an LLC for his consulting business.

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