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Strategic Planning in an Era of Uncertainty

Discover the most effective ways to approach strategic planning and execution amidst constant change.

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Leading through Uncertainty: Key Learnings from Catalant’s Executive Strategy Session

Read the top learnings from Catalant’s 2022 Executive Strategy session to learn how your organization can navigate times of uncertainty.

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What is the Future of Work? An Ultimate Guide

Read the ultimate guide to the future of work to understand what it means, it’s three elements, and today’s top future of work trends.

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what are the new rules of work

The New Rules of Work: A Conversation With Joe Fuller 

Harvard professor Joseph B. Fuller discusses the New Rules of Work, the shifting talent landscape, and how leaders are swapping full-time hiring practices for new models.

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How to Leverage Independent Consulting To Future Proof Your Business

Learn how and why you should leverage independent consulting as a way to future proof your business.

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catalant's client intelligence platform Connects Companies With Top Talent

Forbes: How Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence Connects Companies With Top Talent, Fast

Catalant’s CEO and Co-Founder Pat Petitti responds to a recent Forbes article about how Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence can quickly connect enterprises and firms with elite talent to manage strategic business problems.

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strategy execution management

Strategy Execution Management: Talent and the Future of Work

Learn about the importance of strategy execution management in the future of work and the digital age, and how to deploy talent and skill sets successfully.

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5 Reasons for a Clear Employer Brand when Hiring in the Gig Economy

Discover the five main reasons you need to create a clear employer brand when hiring in the gig economy and the benefits you’ll see as a result.

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