Get the right people on the right work

Unlock access to the talent you need, when you need it, wherever it is

Strategically wield talent across your organization with speed, agility & flexibility

Expert Marketplace

Expert Marketplace

Innovate faster

Deploy high quality flexible talent to tackle important initiatives that require specialized expertise. 

Meet volatile demands

Operate with a lean core of full-time employees and a flexible bench of on-demand experts.

Right-size consulting

Streamline your consulting with experts & firms more willing to map engagements to your needs.


Internal Talent

Break through silos

Enable cross-functional collaboration, and reduce wasteful bureaucracy.

Maximize utilization

Make best use of shared services that work across your business in a project-oriented way.

Energize employees

Empower employees to demonstrate and develop skills across your organization.

Approved Firms

Approved Firms

Drive competitive value

Use competition among approved firms and consultants to drive better performance.

Get better visibility

Track the quality of work and project performance of approved firms and independent experts.

Streamline payments

Manage your payments for approved firms and independent consultants in one place.

Alumni & Retirees

Alumni & Retirees

Get productive faster

Access known talent who can seamlessly plug in to your culture, business, and workstreams.

Avoid unnecessary costs

Reutilize vetted talent and avoid unnecessary recruiting, retention, and ramp up costs.

Reduce risk

Standardize and centralize how your organization works with its alumni and retirees.

We asked forward-looking executives

0 %
say that “access to highly skilled or specialized talent” best describes the benefit of the future of work.

Which of the following best describes the benefits of organizational change management?

75 %
Access to highly skilled or specialized talent
62 %
Find the right talent to get work done faster
57 %
Speed of talent acquisition
40 %
Reduced reliance on 'brand name' consulting firms

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Expert Marketplace


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