Enterprise Portfolio Management for a Fortune 100 Technology Company

A Fortune 100 diversified technology company with more than 150,000 employees and greater than $90 billion in annual revenue.

Case Study

EPMO Pipeline Management and Data-Driven Prioritization

Industry Context: Like many large technology companies, the organization’s meteoric rise was based on its success as a hardware vendor.  In recent years, with the increasing reliance on software products and cloud-based technologies, the company needed to invest heavily in its digital capabilities while also sharpening its strategic focus across a diverse product portfolio.

Challenge: To compete in a consolidating market of technology behemoths, the company needed to bring relevant software products to market quickly while also creating a cohesive brand experience across disparate, increasingly interrelated digital and physical products.

Pipeline Management within the EPMO: The organization’s IT Services PMO — composed of highly technical workers such as engineers, supply chain experts, and process improvement specialists — supports strategic initiatives that range from technology integrations to process improvement mandates to transformation workstreams.

As with many EPMOs, the demands of the business and potential work far exceed capacity, making prioritization and intelligent orchestration critical to achieving the company’s strategic objectives. Driving synergies across fragmented business units and product lines while maintaining strategic focus requires both orchestration and disciplined prioritization.

The company had built a proprietary tool to manage its portfolio of strategic work; yet, while the tool satisfied basic needs, enterprise PMO leaders often lacked the visibility they needed for effective prioritization.

Without holistic visibility into the pipeline of strategic initiatives and projects, portfolio leaders sometimes found out about strategic projects the day before the budget was supposed to be approved. This lack of visibility made it nearly impossible to ensure that they were pursuing the most important work to achieve their strategic objectives and allocating resources accordingly.

Data-Driven Work Prioritization:  The organization decided to use the Catalant Platform to provide them with greater visibility into their pipeline of potential initiatives and projects — from ideation to business case development to budget approval to launch. This visibility enabled them not only to avoid unwanted surprises, but also to ensure that they prioritized the work that would drive greatest impact.

Outgrowing Manual Reporting: Beyond pipeline management and work prioritization, portfolio leaders needed visibility into ongoing work in order to assess portfolio health and progress against strategic goals.

Their proprietary technology wasn’t designed to help them track work progress and resource allocation in detail, and the traditional PPM tools that they were familiar with were difficult to configure to meet their reporting needs.  Therefore, before using the Catalant Platform, the EPMO relied upon a special team to manually create PowerPoint decks and Excel spreadsheets for reporting.

Manual reporting through PowerPoint and Excel was not only time-intensive, it also delayed leaders’ access to relevant information: the reports took days (sometimes weeks) to create, so they would start to become outdated and obsolete from the moment they were released.

Now, the Catalant Platform gives the EPMO real-time information about the status of projects and initiatives through executive-level dashboards designed for portfolio leaders. This visibility streamlines the reporting needs of the EPMO and also positions leaders to act proactively to keep at-risk projects on track and make data-driven decisions about how to better align their work and workforce with their strategic objectives.

About Catalant: Catalant builds software that gives companies visibility into how their work and workforce align with strategy, helps accelerate work execution through dynamic resource access, and tracks progress against key metrics to inform decision making. More than 30% of the Fortune 100—and hundreds of other leading companies—partner with Catalant to enable effective strategy execution with greater operational clarity, increased employee productivity, and dynamic access to external resources with the right capabilities.

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