Orchestrating Integrations & Divestitures in a Multinational Conglomerate

A multinational conglomerate of industrial, healthcare, and consumer products, with more than 60,000 employees and greater than $30 billion in annual revenue.

Case Study

Operational Clarity for the Integrations Management Office

Industry Context: In the 20th century, the conglomerate’s scale and rise to prominence was achieved through aggressive M&A activity and product diversification. Now, well into the 21st century, the company’s future depends on its strategic focus through these activities. Company leaders must make informed decisions about which products and business units are critical to their strategy, identify opportunities for investment, and spin off parts of the business that are not essential, freeing capital to reinvest and resources to reallocate to move their strategic objectives forward.

Challenge: Efficiently integrating new acquisitions and spinning off non-core parts of the business requires a high degree of coordination across disparate business units, brands, and product lines. This level of coordination is only possible with visibility into strategic objectives, work, and resources across the enterprise, as well as technology and processes that enable greater alignment, coordination, and best-practice sharing.

Harmonizing Systems & Standards: The organization decided to use Catalant’s platform to orchestrate the activities of the Integration Management Office (IMO), which coordinates all workstreams related to post-merger integrations and divestitures.

Business leaders in the IMO rely upon a wide array of functional experts to help them execute at different stages of an integration or divestiture, making access to the right capabilities critical to keeping work on track.

To ensure that the IMO has access to the resources it needs to execute, the organization created centralized talent pools of functional experts in strategy, operations, HR, finance, legal, and myriad other relevant areas. Through Catalant’s platform, IMO leaders can find and engage these functional experts, track their activities, and streamline execution.

As functional experts in these centralized talent pools are deployed across different business units, brands, and product lines, they help to cross-pollinate ideas, establish and share best practices, and standardize processes across the enterprise.

Orchestration of Integrations & Divestitures: In addition to accessing the right capabilities within the organization, IMO leaders must ensure that they are executing against their plans — highly detailed playbooks informed by research, experience, and best practices in integrations and divestitures. Ensuring that they are efficiently executing against these playbooks requires visibility into how work is progressing across a large portfolio of initiatives and projects.

Catalant’s platform allows business leaders to track the health and progress of the IMO’s workstreams with executive dashboards and clean, simple reporting designed for non-technical business users.

Real-time visibility into work progress enables leaders to identify at-risk projects and to proactively intervene to keep work on track. This can mean making adjustments to increase efficiency or productivity on existing teams, equipping them with additional resources internally, or increasing capacity by bringing in external expertise.

Flexible Access to External Talent: When teams need to overcome gaps in skill, knowledge, or capacity to drive execution forward, they can flexibly access external talent through Catalant’s Expert Marketplace of more than 70,000 elite independent consultants and firms.

Knowledge Management: Tracking work progress and resource utilization through one platform not only allows leaders to accelerate strategy execution, it also allows them to recognize execution and resourcing patterns across playbooks to better anticipate and mitigate risk.

The data from previous iterations of running the playbooks grows more robust over time, which presents the opportunity for the company to better manage institutional knowledge, pattern match, and refine their plans to overcome predictable bottlenecks and increase efficiency in the future.

About Catalant: Catalant builds software that gives companies visibility into how their work and workforce align with strategy, helps accelerate work execution through dynamic resource access, and tracks progress against key metrics to inform decision making. More than 30% of the Fortune 100—and hundreds of other leading companies—partner with Catalant to enable effective strategy execution with greater operational clarity, increased employee productivity, and dynamic access to external resources with the right capabilities.

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