Insights on the freelance economy, strategy execution, and the future of work.

8 Flexible Planning Tips From the Experts For an Agile Strategy

Discover eight flexible planning tips from expert strategy consultants to help you achieve an agile and dynamic strategy.

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Expert Perspectives: How to Apply the 80/20 Rule to Your Revenue Strategy

A Catalant Expert explains how to apply the 80/20 rule to your revenue strategy and why this type of strategy positions you for success.

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3 Takeaways on Supply Chain Resiliency From Industry Experts

Learn about three takeaways from a discussion with industry expert consultants about supply chain resiliency.

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what are the new rules of work

The New Rules of Work: A Conversation With Joe Fuller 

Harvard professor Joseph B. Fuller discusses the New Rules of Work, the shifting talent landscape, and how leaders are swapping full-time hiring practices for new models.

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How to Leverage Independent Consulting To Future Proof Your Business

Learn how and why you should leverage independent consulting as a way to future proof your business.

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Perch Navigates the Intersection of eCommerce, Supply Chain, and Technology Faster with Catalant

Learn how Perch is leveraging Catalant to solve strategic business challenges and how the partnership led to an instant savings of $2 million dollars.

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A Modern Approach To Digital Transformation: Enterprises Must Act With Agility to Drive Progress

Catalant leaders share their perspectives on a simplified digital transformation method proposed by the Harvard Business Review.

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Expert Perspectives: Bringing Together Finance and Operations to Solve Supply Chain Challenges in 2022

Two supply chain expert consultants explain the importance of bringing Finance and Operations together to manage today’s supply chain challenges.

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Experts in Supply Chain Management Unlock The Key to Operational Success 

Supply chain experts and consultants provide actionable ways to achieve operational success in 2022 and beyond.

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catalant's client intelligence platform Connects Companies With Top Talent

Forbes: How Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence Connects Companies With Top Talent, Fast

Catalant’s CEO and Co-Founder Pat Petitti responds to a recent Forbes article about how Catalant’s Client Platform Intelligence can quickly connect enterprises and firms with elite talent to manage strategic business problems.

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How to Navigate Inevitable Supply Chain Challenges in 2022 and Beyond

Learn how businesses across every industry can navigate inevitable supply chain challenges in 2022 and beyond.

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How Private Equity Operating Partners are Improving ROI With Independent Consultants

Learn why private equity operating partners today are hiring independent consultants and why Catalant’s platform is where firms are making those hires.

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Agile Business Strategy: Solving Challenges in 4 Key Business Areas

Learn about four key strategic areas that require agility and independent talent to overcome today’s business challenges.

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How To Engage A Freelance Marketplace for Strategic Work

Discover the ways your business can engage a freelance marketplace to execute strategic work and why today’s leading enterprises are choosing to embrace them.

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agile strategy

4 Strategic Agile Learnings from Our Conversation With Andrew Karpie

Discover four strategic agile learnings from Catalant’s discussion with thought-leader and subject matter expert Andrew Karpie.

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