2017 Year-in-Review: Looking Back at the Top 3 On-Demand Workforce Trends

Readiness to navigate change has been critical for companies this year. Look around you and what do you see? Increasing competitive pressures, an ongoing war for top talent, expanding customer expectations, regulatory complexity and uncertainty and — perhaps most obvious of all — the ever-accelerating speed of technological change. How can you keep up?

How to Motivate Your On-Demand Workforce: An Interview with Talent Engagement Author and Entrepreneur Kevin Kruse

Bestselling author and veteran entrepreneur Kevin Kruse is an expert on the talent space and job platforms. Back in 1990, the startup he founded after college built one of the first online job boards to help corporations access talent. Since then, Kruse has founded five companies, including his latest, LEADx.org, a digital platform supporting skills and professional development. Kruse is …

WSJ Explains How Catalant Is Reimagining a Blended Future of Work

By now it’s fairly obvious that AI and machine learning are transforming the HR space, especially when it comes to workforce planning and management. The HR software market is now $11.5 billion, having grown by 23 percent in the last two years, according to Gartner research. And it’s projected to grow another 25 percent by 2020.