A Business Agility Journey: Thinking Without Constraints to Innovate Faster

Read about a business agility journey and how Unilever has learned to think without constraints to implement and leverage agility and innovate faster.

At the Reimagining Work Summit, Catalant brought together an exclusive group of thought leaders to discuss how to leverage business agility and stay competitive in today’s disruptive market.

In this exclusive presentation, Raquel Suarez of Unilever, discusses her organization’s business agility journey. Raquel offers insight into how Unilever is unlocking capacity and capability for growth, more specifically, by moving from hierarchies to networks, from planning to experimentation, and from privacy to transparency.

Our vision is ‘how can we become leaner for agility?”

Watch the video to learn more:


We need to drive a huge mindset shift…to think without constraints and think of the abundance of resources that exist outside with new skills.”

We’re working on how to break down roles into smaller tasks and jobs to be done.”

We called up Catalant; they helped us deliver 5 different marketers. We’ve launched 5 different brands through those marketers in just 6–9 months. It’s an amazing example.”

Raquel Suarez, Unilever

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