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An enterprise offering to power the future of flexible work

Scale and optimize how your organization does project-based work with on-demand elite independent experts & consulting firms

How Catalant Helps


We help finance leaders drive greater efficiencies with a variable workforce


Increase flexibility in cash flows by variabilizing fixed labor costs by accessing off-balance sheet talent for strategic work using the Expert Marketplace. Get the same strategic expertise you’d find at traditional consulting firms at significant cost savings with right-sized engagements.


Get visibility into your company’s external consulting spend, identify skill and capacity gaps, and measure the true impact of independent expertise on performance.

Demand Planning

Plan for current and future contingent workforce utilization with cost assessments and ROI measurement to scale external talent up and down as business needs change. Work with your dedicated Catalant support team to design external talent strategies for different business scenarios.

Performance Insights

Understand how external talent affects outcomes and cash flows with reporting on overall spend and ROI. Use skills gap data to make better-informed talent investment decisions.


We help business leaders increase the velocity of their most important work

Quality at Speed

Execute your most important strategic initiatives faster with on-demand access to independent consultants. Quickly find the high-value strategic skills you need to excel as your business accelerates transformation, branches out into new markets, and creates new products and services.

Reduced Friction

The Catalant Expert Marketplace’s easy-to-use technology provides flexible expertise on demand, more quickly than traditional consulting engagements and with less friction than hiring full-time employees. Avoid sluggish procurement and legal red tape with enterprise-grade, turnkey compliance that meets your company policies.


Maximize tight budgets and augment leaner teams with flexible access to external talent. Engage experts with top consulting and operating experience to continue your most important work despite constrained resources.


Flexibly scale external talent to increase capacity to support projects across entire product lifecycles, strategic initiatives, and business units.

Dedicated Support

Catalant’s dedicated support team provides white-glove service to find the right skills and expertise for your project or initiative.

Human Resources

We help HR leaders empower the business with flexible talent access at scale

Variable Workforce

Scale external talent up and down as business needs change and human capital investments adapt to new requirements. Access strategic expertise to bolster existing skills in your workforce to add capacity or to create new capabilities for building new sources of value.

Partner to the Business

Provide strategic talent to functional partners across business units to unleash the organization’s potential and create business value.

Ecosystem Integration

Easily fit independent experts from the Catalant Expert Marketplace into your existing external talent management ecosystem with VMS and MSP integration to create a single source of truth for workforce data.

Risk Management

Easily meet your company’s policies with tailored compliance services and client-friendly management of independent contractor risks. Quickly and easily leverage external expertise at a lower risk profile with streamlined processes.

Capability Building

Enable the business to achieve its objectives with access to external expertise, covering skill and capacity gaps and building new capabilities with more speed and efficiency than traditional hiring or reskilling. Use data on requested skills to identify areas for improvement and make informed investment decisions.


We help procurement leaders control costs of strategic external resources


Get visibility into your business partners’ external talent usage and overall spend to understand business and financial impacts.


Give the business access to the same strategic expertise they would find at traditional consulting firms at significant cost savings with right-sized engagements.

Easy Access

Satisfy your company policies for engaging external talent with enterprise-grade, turnkey compliance.

Catalant Cost Comparisons

Get High Value Work at a Lower Cost

Reduce your workforce costs by 60%+

Vs. Full-Time Employees

Reduce your consulting costs by 30-70%

Vs. Big Consulting Firms

How It Works


Get set up for success through stakeholder alignment, training, technology configuration, and establishing success metrics & baselines for future reporting.

Quick Start

2-4 weeks To get up and running


Pilot scaled access to the Catalant Expert Marketplace to fill talent gaps, streamline reporting and compliance, and build a broader business case.

Our Guarantee

1 Day – Average time to reviewing first experts

9 – Average number of expert matches

Demand Planning

Get strategic support with managing a flexible talent roadmap, with best practices for evaluating performance against business objectives.

What Good Looks Like

100+ Active Projects

Expert Marketplace

Access 70,000+ elite external experts and firms on demand

Get flexible support on strategic work from world-class independent experts & consulting firms

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