Announcing the Catalant Core Platform

This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform helps business leaders organize work, allocate the right people, and track their progress.

I’m proud to announce the official release of the new Catalant core platform. 

This new software-as-a-service (SaaS) platform helps companies organize strategic work, access and allocate the people needed to do it, and track progress against their strategic objectives. 

We built this platform based on insight from our customers, a group that includes more than 30% of the Fortune 100. They told us they needed a better way to document and communicate strategic objectives, align the right resources to the right work (including their own employees as well as elite consultants from Catalant’s Expert Marketplace, all right in our platform), and continuously track, measure, and report on key projects and initiatives to enable smarter decisions.

In particular, our customers were looking to deploy our platform for ongoing workstreams like organizational design, strategic plan execution, enterprise portfolio management (EPMO), and centers of excellence (COE), as well as event-driven workstreams like digital transformations, agile transformations, and post-merger integrations.

The Catalant core platform includes several features for managing the complete strategy execution process.

Define Strategic Objectives

At many organizations, corporate strategy lives primarily in presentations and other static documents. This leads to several challenges that inhibit execution, including the inability to understand the work required to accomplish your goals, no actual access to the people and resources required to deliver, inefficient manual reporting on work status, and outdated information for rapid decision making. 

The Catalant core platform gives you a central place to document and track the progress of your most important initiatives. 

Define the goals, timelines, and important milestones for the successful execution of your strategic plan, and help everyone in your organization understand how their work contributes to your organization’s overall strategy.


Plan Projects and Pipeline

According to Gartner, only 30% of strategy officers believe their efforts are aligned with their organization’s strategy. The Catalant core platform helps you overcome this challenge by tying strategy goals directly to your work. 

Once you’ve defined your strategic objectives, Catalant helps you break work down into achievable projects. Define the timelines of key projects, the skills and resources required to complete projects on time, and track the health status of individual projects. Customizable views help you focus on the work that’s most relevant to you.

Set up stage gates and governance for each project or body of work and track it in a simplified view. Configure stage names and other information to ensure they are appropriate to your organization’s internal vocabulary and policies.

Manage Resources More Effectively

Catalant’s superpower is helping you get the right people on the right work. Based on your project description, skills, needs, and timeline, Catalant recommends people within your organization to help you deliver. 

We also help you fill any skills gaps with a built-in expert marketplace featuring more than 65,000 elite independent experts at the ready. Many of these experts offer packaged marketplace services to help you get started more quickly.

Make Better Decisions

The best businesses are those that adapt quickly to changing conditions. The Catalant core platform includes several features to help business leaders make better decisions with real-time insights into the progress of strategic objectives. 

With customizable dashboards, executives can track the health and status of critical initiatives while project managers track key project milestones and deliverables. The elegant, easy-to-use interface of the Catalant core platform gives users fast access to the information they need across the entire strategy execution process. 

For the first time, corporate strategy leaders, enterprise PMO leaders, and transformation leaders can get the granular information they need while executive sponsors have access to intuitive dashboards that work for them — all in one complete system.

The Catalant Journey

For nearly eight years, Catalant’s Expert Marketplace has been the leading resource for organizations looking to augment their internal teams with elite expertise from independent consultants and boutique firms. As Catalant has grown to serve more than 30% of the Fortune 100 and hundreds of other leading companies, our customers have continuously guided the evolution of our software. 

The result is a unique SaaS platform that crosses traditional software categories by combining world-class strategy planning, portfolio management, and resource management with access to our network of independent consultants. 

And we’re not stopping there. Our product and engineering teams are already hard at work on adding new and better features to the core platform. Our vision is a world in which organizations achieve their goals faster and better because they have the right people doing the right work at the right time.

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