One Platform to get from strategy to execution faster

One Platform

Platform Overview

Organize and gain visibility into work

Define, organize, and execute strategically aligned work

Access and dynamically deploy resources

Identify, access, and allocate internal & external talent


Drive better business performance

Surface actionable insights into resources’ impact on business

Platform Overview

Strategic Alignment

Ensure that projects are aligned with your initiatives — and that the right data are collected on the work you need to get done

One Platform – Initiatives

Talent Access

Dynamically and nimbly access people with capabilities you need — across and outside of your organization — as work progresses toward your business objectives


Let internal and external opportunity seekers bid on projects — or allocate team members to work based on their capacity, fit, and other criteria


Deep Visibility

Track how individuals perform, the quality and speed of work, and the ROI of spend on external talent  — all tied to your most important initiatives

Data-Driven Assistance

Get intelligent recommendations on the skills and expertise your work may require and who, across pools of talent, could be a fit for the work


Efficient Administration

Accelerate data-driven workforce deployment with reusable roles based on defined skills and expertise for team-based, repeatable project types

Insights into Business Outcomes

Get actionable insights into skills gaps based on work and the impact of talent pools on the quality of work to shape smarter workforce strategy


Knowledge Management

Capture and index knowledge — not just assets — of work as it happens, and surface it when needed to cross-pollinate ideas and avoid redundancies

Engineering value, delivering success.

Our team works with flexibility and agility to help your organization get the most value out of the Catalant Platform as possible.

Whether it’s implementation and program governance or user onboarding and impact analysis, our team is here help you and your organization meet your definition of success.


Our operating system gets you from strategy to execution faster


Customer  Centricity

Accelerate growth with a more customer-centric way of working


Cost Optimization

Drive efficiency with a more strategic way to optimize costs



Create new sources of value by enabling rapid innovation