One Platform to get from strategy to execution faster

Organize and gain visibility into work

Define, organize, and execute strategically aligned work

Access and dynamically deploy resources

Identify, access, and allocate internal & external talent


Drive better business performance

Surface actionable insights into resources’ impact on business

Platform Overview

Get alignment on your most important metrics.

Set strategic objectives for the business and align execution of work with your key metrics.

Design execution paths to achieve strategic objectives.

Define, break down, and organize work to identify the capabilities needed to execute.

Dynamically access and allocate resources to work.

Enable faster, better, more efficient execution with dynamic access to the right internal and external capabilities. Access our Expert Marketplace of 65,000+ independent consultants and 1,000+ firms.

Platform Overview Resources

Foster accountability through transparency.

Enable visibility into how bodies of work — small and large — contribute to your business objectives and KPIs, regardless of the methodology you use to work. Eliminate waste of redundant and unnecessary work, and reallocate resources as needed.

Take stock of capabilities to identify demands and gaps.

See the skills and expertise that the business needs — and where gaps currently exist. Get deeper visibility into skills of individual resources, validated by execution performance on work toward your objectives.


Surface insights to better manage strategy execution.

Get visibility into performance trends, and drill down into how work and resources affect growth and efficiency targets.

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