Reimagining Work 20/20

How Winning Executives are Building an Agile Workforce

Rapid changes in labor demographics and advances in technology have led companies and talent — both employees and independent workers — to engage in profoundly new ways.

Reimagining Work 20/20 presents a unique perspective on the Future of Work. This research report details:

  • The challenges facing modern organizations today.
  • The opportunities that exist for companies that take advantage of the Future of Work.  
  • The strategies being used by companies to deploy an agile workforce.

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16 %

of HR business leaders say that access to highly skilled or specialized talent is a top benefit of organizational change management and the Future of Work.

11 %

of HR business leaders believe that developing an agile workforce is the most important factor to their organization.

of HR leaders say they currently have a Future of Work program.
of HR leaders say both the CHRO/Chief Talent Officer and CEO are the key stakeholders driving the FoW.

The difference between companies that will thrive in a radically-agile future and those that will stagnate will be stark. Put simply, those that embrace an on-demand mindset in managing their workforce will be positioned to innovate faster, compete better, and adapt more quickly to changing market conditions. Those that do not will likely fail.”

Rob Biederman & Pat Petitti

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